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The home of authentic Wiradjuri Didgeridoos and Boomerangs, Hand Crafted by Michael Lyons

These quality Didgeridoos and Boomerangs are made from traditional termite hollowed Mallee for the Didgeridoo and Black Wattle for the Boomerangs.
Each didgeridoo and boomerang is hand painted and features Michael's award winning Wiradjuri art.
Michael is renown for producing didgerdoos of outstanding playing ability along with traditional style artwork.
Didgeridoos and boomerangs of this quality are highly sort after by retail outlets across Australia and sell in their thousands.
The Sandhills Artifacts Gallery in Narrandera NSW has been a 'must see' location for overseas visitors for 30 years, now these traditional Wiradjuri works of art are available for purchase online as well. Not just didgeridoos and boomerangs a complete range of Wiradjui Artifacts are available as well.
Customized Didgeridoos are also available, choose your Key then choose your Artwork.

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Making a Didgeridoo

The mallee has it's bark stripped, termite 'mud' removed, both ends smoothed out then it's ready to tune and decorate.


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